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State District Name Agreement Status Agreement Type Agreement Dates Grade Level Content Area Data
MA Arlington Public Schools Not Approved
Vendor Response: So you want me to read a 20-page document filled with "legalize" and sign my life away so your students can use my FREE Chromebook apps? I'm a teacher, not an attorney and I have no time to read nor sign a document I wouldn't understand anyways. What I can tell you is that the apps do not collect any data from the students. They operate with or without an internet connection ... a pretty good sign I'm not interested in anyone's private information. What gets entered into the app stays in the app and that's a promise. If that's not enough of a clear statement, then don't download the app. But I have students to help, so I have no time to try to understand your 20-page document.
11 Science
CA Fremont Unified Active CSDPA V2 (With Exhibit E)
Exhibit E
Approved: 09/29/2020
Expires: 09/29/2023
CA Lammersville Joint Unified Active CSDPA V2 (With Exhibit E)
Exhibit E
Approved: 10/02/2020
Expires: 09/29/2023
9, 10, 11, 12 Science
CA Rocklin Unified School District Active CSDPA V2 (With Exhibit E)
Exhibit E
Approved: 08/20/2020
Expires: 08/14/2023

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