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Company Name: Epic! | Software Name: EPic | Website

State District Name Agreement Status Agreement Type Agreement Dates Grade Level Content Area Data
CA Atascadero Unified Not Approved
CSDPA V1 (With Exhibit E)
MA Hopkinton School District Not Approved
NH Hudson School District Not Approved

We believe that schools should have control over their student data. Any student data generated on the Epic service within the school environment is owned by Epic, but you may at anytime instruct us to close your account and delete your students' data. Upon authorized written request from the school or district, Epic will close your account and delete your student's names and email addresses from our servers. Epic employs industry-standard network security and encryption technology to protect student data end to end in transit and in storage. In the event Epic becomes aware of any illegal disclosure of your students' personal information, Epic will promptly notify the impacted teacher/school. INFORMATION WE COLLECT In providing our Services, we and our service providers may collect the following: Information submitted by a teacher about himself or herself, such as first and last name, email address, profession, username and password, country of residence, school name, and school zip code. Information submitted by a teacher about the students in a particular classroom, such as first and last names, student ID numbers, usernames and passwords, gender and other demographic information, learning level, and performance data. Information about a student’s parent or guardian, such as names and email addresses. This information may be submitted by a teacher or by the parent or guardian, and we may associate it with the student’s information. Because of what I pulled from their documentation, I am recommending that we deny this. Mary Additionally EPIC has responded to other NH Districts with below: We cannot review any documents from our Epic! users at this time, because we would need our lawyers to review each document before signing it. The cost of that would make it impossible to keep providing Epic! for free to schools.
CA Irvine Unified Not Approved
CA Solana Beach Elementary Not Approved
CA Westside Union Elementary Not Approved

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K English Language Arts, Library Media

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