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Crest Collaborative | Methuen, MA | United States | Website

Logo Software Name Agreement Status Agreement Type Agreement Dates Grade Level Content Area Data
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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Adobe products can be used only if no student PII is transferred.
| Privacy Policy
| Privacy Policy
Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: We cannot review any documents from our Epic! users at this time, because we would need our lawyers to review each document before signing it. The cost of that would make it impossible to keep providing Epic! for free to schools.
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Google Arts and Culture
| Privacy Policy
Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Only Google apps that are included in G Suite for Education Core Services are approved for use. Check to see if you can use this app without transferring any student PII.
Google Meet Grid View
| Privacy Policy
| Privacy Policy
Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Response: "Although we are not in a position to offer contractual guarantees with each entity that uses our free educational product, we are in compliance with all federal laws that are applicable to MIT, a 501(c)(3) organization and the entity that created and maintains Scratch. We have recently launched Scratch Teacher Accounts which may be of interest to you. Teacher Accounts allow educators to create student accounts without identifiable student information (such as student email addresses and student-created usernames). In addition, you may be interested in the Scratch 2.0 offline editor, which is a stand-alone version of Scratch that runs offline. This allows students to create Scratch projects without creating online profiles, sharing data online, or using the online community."
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