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Making Community Connections Charter School | Keene, NH | United States | Website

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| Privacy Policy
Active Vendor Specific Agreement (with Exhibit)
Exhibit E
Approved: 07/31/2020
Expires: 07/31/2026
| Privacy Policy
Not Approved
Vendor Response: While we do comply with the Student Privacy Pledge, we are not able to sign school or district-level privacy agreements. We are working to ensure that we comply with all state requirements, though, and hope to get there soon!
Khan Academy
| Privacy Policy
With the Following Restrictions: The NH Commissioner indicates that NH districts can use Khan Academy because it meets the NH minimum standards. He indicates if the school sets up the student accounts it is fine, if the student sets the account up themselves it is NOT OK.
Read&Write for Google
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Active TEC MA-ME-NH-NY-RI-VT-NDPA V1 (with Exhibit E)
Exhibit E
Approved: 11/17/2023
Expires: 11/17/2026
| Privacy Policy
Not Approved
Vendor Response: We cannot sign your privacy agreement. We are unable to accept individual customer privacy policies.
| Privacy Policy
Not Approved
Vendor Response: We do not sign DPAs.
| Privacy Policy
Active TEC Vendor Specific MA-ME-NH-RI-VT DPA (With Exhibit)
Exhibit E
Approved: 10/07/2023
Expires: 10/07/2026

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