CFISD Resources

This database lists the vetted, approved, and declined resources that may be utilized by CFISD teachers and staff.

Status Key

Approved: Contract is signed and resource is in use.
Approved w/ Guardian Release
: Guardians signed a contract to allow a resource to be used in a specific classroom with a specific group of students.
Not Approved: Vendor was unable to sign the contract and, therefore, teachers are not allowed to use the resource with students.
Renewal Pending: District has an active agreement that will expire soon and they are in the process to renew with the vendor.
Did Not Pursue: District determined that the resource does not align with educational goals, therefore, teachers are not allowed to use the resource with students.
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  Resource Name Company Name Agreement Status Agreement Type Agreement Dates Grade Level Content Area Data
ABCya's Logo ABCya
Purpose: is a teacher-created website brought to you by LLC ("ABCya") that provides fun and educational games for kids to use under the guidance of their parents and teachers.
IXL Learning, Inc. Approved
Exhibit E TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 06/03/2022
Expires: 09/30/2024
Amazing Animations's Logo Amazing Animations
Purpose: Free Animated Gifs and Free Animations. Welcome to Amazing Animations, a vast directory of free animated gifs and animations. Approved
Approved: 05/29/2019
Amplify Science's Logo Amplify Science
Purpose: Our captivating core and supplemental programs in ELA, math, and science engage all students in rigorous learning and inspire them to think deeply, creatively, and for themselves. Our formative assessment and intervention products turn data into practical instructional support to help all students build a strong foundation in early reading and math.
Amplify Education, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/21/2018 Data List
Anchor's Logo Anchor
Purpose: The best way to make your podcast. Create and host unlimited episodes, distribute your show everywhere, and make money. All in one place, all for free.
Anchor FM Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Anchor will be happy to revisit your request when we start doing more student privacy/security work.

Animoto's Logo Animoto
Purpose: Video creation made easy for schools Easily create school marketing videos. Connect with your school community and boost enrollment, while also enriching students’ classroom experience by using video in teaching.
Animoto Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: At this time, we're unable to sign any additional terms or legal documents outside of our Animoto Education Terms of Service. We're a small company, so our terms of service have been drafted specifically in an effort to facilitate relationships with a variety of individuals and businesses without needing independent contracts.

ARC's Logo ARC
Purpose: We provide technology and document solutions for every stage of the building lifecycle—from design to build to operate.
ARC Document Solutions, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/30/2019
Expires: 04/30/2022
ASCD ASCD Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/17/2023
Expires: 11/17/2026
ASCD ASCD Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/17/2023
Expires: 11/17/2026
Associated Time & Attendance's Logo Associated Time & Attendance
Purpose: Associated Time & Parking Controls is a leading supplier of Workforce Management Systems, Parking and Revenue Control Equipment, and Access Control Systems. Our company is a leader in all of our markets, we distinguish ourselves by providing superior products, expert consulting and engineering, quality installations, comprehensive support, and professional services. Associated Time & Parking Controls provides both standard software products and custom software solutions, we have consistently provided modern and effective solutions to our customers during the past 60 years!
Associated Time & Parking Controls, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/13/2018
Autodesk's Logo Autodesk Autodesk, Inc. Approved In Use/No Agreement
Avant Assessment's Logo Avant Assessment
Purpose: In today's global economy and multi-cultural society, language skills are as important as math and science. Avant provides teachers and administrators with the most advanced, accurate tools to assess language skills and help each student reach their potential.
Avant Assessment LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/08/2018
Bankaroo's Logo Bankaroo
Purpose: Bankaroo is a virtual bank for kids, where you can teach them about the value of money in a safe environment. Kids will learn how to budget, save up for goals and spend responsibly using our cool easy-to-use app and website.
BrightAct LLC. Not Approved Declined
Banzai!'s Logo Banzai!
Purpose: Banzai is free, online financial literacy for students of all ages. It's interactive and fun. Over 40,000 math, business, family and consumer science, and computer teachers have joined the program nationwide.
Banzai, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/22/2019
Expires: 05/22/2022
Beanstack's Logo Beanstack
Purpose: Beanstack, a web and mobile app used to track independent reading time, and help build a culture of reading in school and at home. Beanstack helps motivate students to read, tracks reading, and provides feedback and insights into the reading habits at school.
Zoobean Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/18/2023
Expires: 07/18/2026
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Library Media
Blabberize's Logo Blabberize
Purpose: Make pictures talk in Augmented Reality with Blabberize! Blabberize is a fun utility that allows you to take any picture, put a mouth on that picture, and make it speak with your voice!
Mobouy Inc. Approved Self-Hosted
Approved: 11/21/2018
Blooket's Logo Blooket
Purpose: Welcome to the world of Blooket: a new take on trivia and review games! Blooket was created to change the way we learn. It focuses on accuracy and understanding while other review games reward speed and answer streaks. Also, the random reward points give everyone a chance to win, creating a deeper level of engagement. Getting a question wrong won't remove you from the leaderboard forever because a new race means a clean slate. In a world where education is so valuable, students should enjoy learning. Blooket was created to offer this environment for engaged education and excitement.
Blooket LLC. Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 08/03/2021
Expires: 08/03/2024
Bloomz Premium's Logo Bloomz Premium
Purpose: Bloomz, like many two-way parent-teacher communication apps, provides teachers with a simple way to effectively communicate with classroom parents. Parents can sign up to receive app, email, or text notifications. Teachers have access to a central website and can control a wide variety of factors, from how parents communicate (for example, with each other or only with the teacher) to what type of information goes out to families.
Bloomz, Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Bloxels Edu's Logo Bloxels Edu
Purpose: Bloxels EDU is the most intuitive platform for creating video games in the classroom. When students build games, they become the writers, artists, designers, and developers of their own interactive stories.
Pixel Press Technology, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/08/2020
Expires: 06/08/2023
Boardmaker Online's Logo Boardmaker Online
Purpose: Building on the strong legacy of our traditional Boardmaker software, Boardmaker Online provides a multi-level approach to creating engaging print and interactive materials for your special education needs.
Tobii Dynavox LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/26/2018
Book Creator's Logo Book Creator
Purpose: Book Creator is a simple tool for creating awesome digital books. Create your own teaching resources or have your students take the reins. Combine text, images, audio and video to create: Interactive stories, Digital portfolios, Research journals, Poetry books, Science reports, Instruction manuals, ‘About me’ books, Comic adventures.
Tools for Schools Approved TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 06/03/2022
Expires: 05/09/2023
PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Boom Cards 's Logo Boom Cards Boom Learning Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/14/2019
Expires: 10/14/2022
4 Math, Science
BrainPOP's Logo BrainPOP
Purpose: Moby and Tim "host" animated videos on BrainPOP, a website that teaches students about a wide range of challenging topics such as genetics, geometry, and economics. BrainPOP Educators offers PD and training opportunities, lesson ideas, best practices, and other resources to help you with integration into the classroom.
BrainPOP LLC Approved
Exhibit E TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 05/09/2022
Expires: 08/27/2022
Build Math Minds's Logo Build Math Minds
Purpose: Help Your Students Understand and Enjoy Math. I help you understand how kids learn math so that you can ditch that textbook and have fun teaching math. Let’s explore how I can help you Build Your Math Mind!
Mathematically Minded, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/10/2019
Expires: 10/10/2022
Buildbox's Logo Buildbox
Purpose: Buildbox is the world's first software that truly allows anyone to create amazing games regardless of technical skill. Due to its unique user interface, making games becomes a fluid process that doesn't require any scripting, programming or software design experience.
8Cell, Inc Approved Self-Hosted
Approved: 09/11/2018
Buncee's Logo Buncee
Purpose: Buncee is an award-winning creation and communication tool for students, teachers and administrators. Our all-in-one technology empowers all users to easily create, and share visual representations of content, across grade, age and learning levels. Buncee is a one-stop-shop to build media-rich lessons, reports, newsletters, presentations and so much more.
Capstone Approved Agreement
Approved: 02/23/2021
Expires: 02/23/2024
BusConduct Incwebs, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/01/2022
Expires: 06/01/2025
Other Data List
Canva for Education's Logo Canva for Education
Purpose: To create poster, signs, and other graphic items
Canva PTY LTD. Approved
With the Following Restrictions: Approved for Teachers only
TXSPA V2 (No Exhibit)
Approved: 12/01/2021
Expires: 12/01/2024
Data List
Charms's Logo Charms Vanco Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/15/2023
Expires: 08/15/2025
ChromeMP3 Recorder's Logo ChromeMP3 Recorder HablaCloud Approved
Approved: 09/27/2019
CI Badge CI Solutions Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/20/2020
Expires: 11/20/2023
Cirkled In's Logo Cirkled In
Purpose: Cirkled in is a FREE portfolio platform for students to get discovered by colleges by showcasing that you are more than just a test score.
Cirkled In Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/26/2018
ClapMotion's Logo ClapMotion
Purpose: ClapMotion is a stop-motion software that allows you to create your own animation by simply clapping your hands.
Intellisense Co. Ltd. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Class Companion Class Companion, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/17/2023
Expires: 11/17/2026
Class Creator's Logo Class Creator
Purpose: Class Creator began with a unique objective: Create a classmate networking environment shaped by the users themselves. Since 2006, thousands of user suggestions have helped shape the classmate world you see today. We have helped millions of people to participate with their classes! There is simply nothing else like Class Creator. It's all about YOUR classmates. YOUR times. YOUR memories.
Class Creator Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/20/2018 Data List
Class Intercom's Logo Class Intercom
Purpose: Class Intercom empowers students to become digital leaders by writing social media content for their schools. Educators moderate their content and provide vital feedback to help them grow.
Class Intercom, LLC. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/24/2019
Expires: 09/24/2022
Classkick's Logo Classkick
Purpose: Classkick is a free app that students work on and get help instantly from their teacher and peers. Students work on assignments with their Chromebooks, laptops, or iPads, while getting help from teachers and peers instantly. Teachers create assignments, see all their students’ work in real-time, and give LOTS of student feedback. Best of all, students can help each other anonymously.
Classwork Co. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/18/2019
Expires: 09/18/2022
ClassLink's Logo ClassLink
Purpose: ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for ensuring the success of a 1:1 or BYOD initiative.
ClassLink Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/12/2018
ClassTag's Logo ClassTag
Purpose: Simple parent-teacher communication that just works, for everyone.
ClassTag, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/27/2019
Expires: 08/27/2022
ClassTools ClassTools Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/08/2021
Clifton StrengthsFinder's Logo Clifton StrengthsFinder
Purpose: Millions of people around the world have completed the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to: discover what they naturally do best, learn how to develop their greatest talents, use their customized assessment results to live their best life.
Gallup, Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 08/07/2018
Co:Writer's Logo Co:Writer
Purpose: Co:Writer Universal (for Google Chrome and iOS) uses grammar- and vocabulary-smart word prediction, translation support, and speech recognition to help unstick ideas and get them to flow in writing.
Texthelp Ltd. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/13/2018 Data List
CodeCombat's Logo CodeCombat
Purpose: CodeCombat is an adventure game and curriculum that teaches kids coding fundamentals.
CodeCombat Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Codemoji's Logo Codemoji
Purpose: Codemoji's computer science curriculum for schools allows 1st-8th grade students to learn the basics of web development and coding, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, in a fun and easy way, allowing them to create their own websites, animations and much more with our unique and adaptable learning platform.
Codemoji Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/27/2018 Data List
CodeSpark's Logo CodeSpark
Purpose: codeSpark Academy is a simple game-based app for learning about coding concepts.
CodeSpark, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/15/2019
Expires: 05/15/2022
Coding Rooms's Logo Coding Rooms
Purpose: The first real-time platform for teaching programming online and in-person that enables you to connect with each student, see their work, and engage with their code instantly.
EXL Inc. Approved TX-NDPA-V1 (with Exhibit E)
Approved: 03/10/2021
Expires: 03/10/2024
CommonLit's Logo CommonLit CommonLit Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 10/04/2022
Expires: 09/09/2023
6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Library Media, Science, Social Science, World Language
Condrey's Logo Condrey
Purpose: Condrey Corporation is a software engineering company in Greenville, South Carolina. We specialize in File Analysis, Security, Management and Sharing solutions. Our products work together - providing an Identity Based Storage Management solution that enables organizations to address end user storage and collaboration needs, automate key administrative tasks, and dramatically reduce the cost of managing and supporting any number of users.
Condrey Corp. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 04/06/2018
ContractWorks's Logo ContractWorks
Purpose: ContractWorks provides a simple way for you to get your contracts under control, eliminating the risk associated with poorly managed documents.
Secure Docs Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/26/2018
CoSpaces Edu's Logo CoSpaces Edu
Purpose: CoSpaces Edu is an intuitive educational technology enabling students and teachers to easily build their own 3D creations, animate them with code and explore them in Virtual or Augmented Reality.
Delightex Approved Agreement
Approved: 12/04/2018 Data List
Cubelets Modular Robotics, Incorporated Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Data Classroom Data Classroom Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/21/2021
Expires: 10/21/2024
DecisionEd's Logo DecisionEd
Purpose: Used by school districts throughout the United States, DecisionEd is a leader in K-12 data and performance management solutions. DecisionEd provides a unique combination of powerful data consolidation, simple customization, ease of use, FERPA-compliant security and clear reporting.
DecisionEd Group Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/02/2018 Data List
Deck.Toys's Logo Deck.Toys
Purpose: Deck.Toys is a new and exciting classroom engagement platform made for you and your students. Deck.Toys makes it incredibly easy to create interactive lessons that your students love.
Deck.Toys Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 09/04/2018
Delta Math's Logo Delta Math Delta Math Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/24/2023
Expires: 10/24/2025
Desmos's Logo Desmos
Purpose: Explore math with Desmos. Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more – for free!
Desmos, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/16/2018 Data List
Destiny Library Manager's Logo Destiny Library Manager
Purpose: Destiny Library Manager is a complete library management system that can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and home. Our solution not only allows librarians and administrators keep thorough, real-time track of a library’s inventory and media assets, but also gives students a fun means of discovery and reading.
Follett School Solutions, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/03/2018 Data List
Detective Agency - Osmo's Logo Detective Agency - Osmo
Purpose: Put on your detective hat and get ready to solve the case! Travel to six famous cities, inspect hundreds of clues with your magnifying glass, and learn about geography and landmarks around the world!
Tangible Play, Inc. Approved
Exhibit E TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 10/01/2021
Expires: 06/01/2024
DigiQuatics's Logo DigiQuatics
Purpose: DigiQuatics puts everything in one place so you can manage your pools more efficiently—from anywhere. No more misplaced maintenance documents, inspection reports or chemical records. And employees have access through the app, so communication is easy and instant.
DigiQuatics Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/22/2018 Data List
Dreambox Learning's Logo Dreambox Learning Discovery Education Approved
With the Following Restrictions: LEA and Provider agree to the following additional terms and modifications: Article IV - DUTIES OF PROVIDER, section 6: Disposition of Data Change "sixty (60) days" to "ninety (90) days"
Approved: 03/31/2022
Expires: 03/31/2025
Dreamscape's Logo Dreamscape Eyeread Inc. Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 05/05/2022
Expires: 07/08/2024
Duolingo's Logo Duolingo
Purpose: The best new way to learn a language. Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works.
Duolingo Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Duxbury's Logo Duxbury
Purpose: Duxbury Systems leads the world in software for braille. The Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) is used by virtually all of the world's leading braille publishers. No one supports more languages than Duxbury Systems -- DBT supports over 130 languages in either uncontracted or contracted (when such rules exist) braille. Our software can produce contracted and uncontracted braille, mathematics, and technical braille.
Duxbury Systems Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/21/2018
e-hallpass's Logo e-hallpass Eduspire Solutions LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/31/2022
Expires: 05/31/2025
Data List
EarthEcho Water Challenge App's Logo EarthEcho Water Challenge App
Purpose: The EarthEcho Water Challenge is an international education and outreach program, coordinated by EarthEcho International. It builds public awareness and involvement in protecting waterways around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of local waterbodies, share findings, and protect our most precious resource.
mWater Approved
Approved: 07/16/2019
EasyBib's Logo EasyBib Chegg, Inc. Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 10/30/2019
EdgeMakers's Logo EdgeMakers
Purpose: EdgeMakers has created the only practice-based and purpose-driven curriculum to teach the how-to of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship. EdgeMakers has developed courses, digital tools and resources, which prepare students for the careers of the future.
EdgeMakers Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/13/2018
Edpuzzle's Logo Edpuzzle
Purpose: Pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students' understanding Edpuzzle empowers teachers to make any video your lesson. Crop a video, explain it with your own voice and embed quizzes at any time
EDPuzzle Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/14/2018
Education Galaxy's Logo Education Galaxy
Purpose: At Education Galaxy, we enjoy providing engaging solutions to young and developing learners. When students are engaged, their capacity for learning is improved. We also very firmly believe that our program should be affordable so that schools can easily fit Education Galaxy into their budgets. Quite simply, we are passionate about education and passionate about providing highly effective and affordable tools to teachers.
Education Galaxy Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/23/2018 Data List's Logo, Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Educators Handbook's Logo Educators Handbook
Purpose: is committed to improving the lives of students and educators through the application of scientifically validated techniques. Our products play an integral role in the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports model by helping schools evaluate schoolwide programs, identify students in need of support, and measure intervention outcomes.
Educators Handbook Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/03/2022
Expires: 09/03/2025
JK, PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Data List
Eduspire Eduspire Solutions LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/31/2022
Expires: 05/31/2025
EduTyping's Logo EduTyping
Purpose: EduTyping, Jr. curriculum introduces students K–5 using a row-by-row method with high frequency and sight words integrated throughout to reinforce reading comprehension. EduTyping Secondary curriculum uses a traditional method of touch typing and includes a series of interactive lessons that integrates updated pop culture content, keeping students interested and engaged.
BE Publishing Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/01/2018
edWise's Logo edWise Learn21 Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/20/2023
Expires: 07/20/2026
Epic!'s Logo Epic!
Purpose: Give your kids instant, unlimited access to more than 35,000, high-quality and popular children’s books, learning videos, teacher-created quizzes, and more
Epic Creations, Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Unfortunately we cannot afford to sign individual documents for every school that uses Epic!, because we would need our lawyers to review each document before signing it, and the cost of that would make it impossible to keep providing Epic! free.

EquatIO's Logo EquatIO
Purpose: Made to help mathematics and STEM teachers and students at all levels, EquatIO® lets everyone create mathematical equations, formulas, Desmos graphs, and more on their computer or Chromebook.
Texthelp Ltd. Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/07/2018
eQuizShow eQuizShow Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/08/2021
Purpose: ESGI is the simplest, easiest to use assessment platform for conducting one-on-one assessments for emergent and non-readers. CLICK. CLICK. DONE.
ESGI, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 12/11/2018 Data List
EZChildTrack's Logo EZChildTrack
Purpose: EZChildTrack is a comprehensive online childcare software with automated billing/payment, parent portal, site access and multiple attendance options. With EZChildTrack, program directors, site coordinators, staff members can manage operations from a single system.
GTSoft Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/17/2018 Data List
Facade Signage's Logo Facade Signage
Purpose: FaçadeSignage lets you create projection mappings and installations in a matter of minutes. Draw surfaces in realtime on the projected area, assign media files, and go. Your show, party, building projection, is just some click away.
TABULA Natural Interfaces SaS Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 09/10/2018
Fit Radio's Logo Fit Radio
Purpose: Train Inspired. Unleash inspiration with motivational workout music, coaches that guide & inspire, and strength programs that provide a real path to results.
FIT Radio LLC Approved
Approved: 06/18/2019
FL Studio's Logo FL Studio
Purpose: FL Studio is a complete software music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Representing more than 20 years of innovative development it has everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio is now one of the world’s most popular DAWs and is used by the most creative artists.
Image Line Software Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 06/04/2018
Flip's Logo Flip
Purpose: Flipgrid is a website that allows teachers to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions. Each grid is like a message board where teachers can pose questions, called "topics," and their students can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display. Grids can be shared with classes, small groups, or any collection of users interested in a common strand of questions. Each grid can hold an unlimited number of topics and each topic can hold an unlimited number of responses. Topics can be text-based or include a resource such as an image, video, Giphy, emoji, or attachment.
Flipgrid, Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 01/29/2019
Flippity's Logo Flippity
Purpose: Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a Set of Online Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff
Flippity Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 08/11/2020
Flocabulary's Logo Flocabulary
Purpose: Flocabulary’s instructional sequence is based on leading research. Using Flocabulary is proven to deepen content knowledge, improve vocabulary acquisition and raise test scores.
Nearpod, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/22/2018
Flubaroo's Logo Flubaroo Flubaroo Approved
Approved: 09/30/2019
Freckle Math's Logo Freckle Math
Purpose: Freckle empowers teachers to differentiate instruction across Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.
Renaissance Learning, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/11/2018
Freeplay Music's Logo Freeplay Music
Freeplay Music, LLC Approved
Approved: 07/16/2019
Frontline Service Management & Medicaid Billing's Logo Frontline Service Management & Medicaid Billing
Purpose: Our online solutions for absence and attendance, recruiting and hiring, professional growth and special education are more than just tools. With unprecedented access to data, we're committed to partnering with you to understand not only what is happening across your district, but why.
Frontline Technologies Group LLC Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/28/2018
Gapminder Tools Offline's Logo Gapminder Tools Offline
Purpose: With Gapminder Tools Offline you can show animated statistics from your own laptop!
Gapminder Approved Vendor-Specific
Genially's Logo Genially
Purpose: Presentation Tool
Genially Web SL. Approved Agreement
Approved: 02/17/2022
Expires: 02/17/2025
Geogebra's Logo Geogebra GeoGebra Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/12/2020
Expires: 10/12/2023
Get More Math's Logo Get More Math Get More Math, a Front Porch, Inc DBA Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/06/2021
Expires: 10/06/2024
Gimkit's Logo Gimkit Gimkit Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/20/2019
Expires: 09/20/2022
Gizmos's Logo Gizmos ExploreLearning, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/02/2023
Expires: 11/02/2026
Glide's Logo Glide
Purpose: Create an app from a Google Sheet in 5 minutes, for free. Beautiful apps, powered by data, easy to customize & share.
typeguard, Inc. Approved
Approved: 05/28/2019
Go Formative! Newsela Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 05/31/2022
Expires: 04/26/2024
6, 7, 8, 9 Math
Google Classroom's Logo Google Classroom Google Approved In Use/No Agreement
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 nglish Language Arts, Health, Instructional Technology, Library Media, Math, Science, Visual Performing Arts, Social Science, Other, World Language, Computer Science
GooseChase's Logo GooseChase
Purpose: Educational Scavenger Hunts for the 21st Century Blend together the tried-and-true fun of scavenger hunts with mobile technology and create a learning experience like no other.
GooseChase Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 08/28/2018
Grammarly's Logo Grammarly
Purpose: At Grammarly, we strive to help all people feel heard and understood, whenever and wherever they communicate. More than 20 million people around the world use our AI-powered products every day to strengthen their writing and say what they really mean. Our writing assistant supports clean, mistake-free writing while offering suggestions that go way beyond grammar.
Grammarly Inc. Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 10/30/2019
Handwriting Without Tears's Logo Handwriting Without Tears Learning Without Tears Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/06/2019
Expires: 11/06/2022
HomeTown Ticketing's Logo HomeTown Ticketing HomeTown Ticketing, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/26/2022
Expires: 07/26/2025
Data List
Hot Wheels Mindracers - Osmo's Logo Hot Wheels Mindracers - Osmo
Purpose: Play fast, think fast. Strategize, anticipate and react for real-time results. Throw down tangible tokens to control your race car’s actions. Each race is a new challenge for players’ brains and reflexes.
Tangible Play, Inc. Approved
Exhibit E TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 09/17/2021
Expires: 06/01/2024
Hour of Code Hour of Code Approved In Use/No Agreement
HoverCam for Chrome's Logo HoverCam for Chrome
Purpose: HoverCam ( is an innovative technology leader in the education market. Their streamlined operations produce market-changing products to keep learning environments engaging and interactive.
Pathway Innovations & Technologies, Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 06/08/2018
HowTheMarketWorks's Logo HowTheMarketWorks
Purpose: HowTheMarketWorks is the #1 FREE stock market game that allows users to create their own custom stock game and create educational lessons for their players. It is used by over 400,000 individuals and students each year. Users register for free and receive a virtual $100,000 and access to our Education Center. Users can then create their own custom stock market contest and invite their classmates, friends, family or co-workers to a friendly competition.
Stock-Trak Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Purpose: More than 150,000 teams—including the best in the world—use Hudl to elevate their performance with video and analytics. We build the most powerful and flexible tools for video analysis. Our suite of products includes online tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics and more.
Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. Approved
Exhibit E TX-NDPA-V1 (with Exhibit E)
Approved: 05/05/2022
Expires: 03/30/2025
Purpose: Team Management Software Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Team Manager for Track & Field (TFTM) makes running a team simple and efficient, so you have time to focus on more important things. How? The track software is designed to completely automate the administration and performance tracking for any college, high school, USATF, WMA, or AAU international track team. That means less paperwork, less data entry and better organization of each athlete in the stadium.
Active Network, LLC Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/21/2018
Imagine Language & Literacy's Logo Imagine Language & Literacy
Purpose: Imagine Learning is the developer of award-winning digital language, literacy, and math programs used by K–12 students across the nation and worldwide.
Imagine Learning LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/03/2019
Expires: 04/03/2022
Purpose: iSpring Suite Max - authoring tool for creating courses and presentations
iSpring Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/08/2021
Expires: 03/08/2023
Istation's Logo Istation
Purpose: Istation is a supplemental learning system that adapts and individualizes learning content for each student.
Imagination Station, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/28/2018 Data List
Ivanti Workspaces's Logo Ivanti Workspaces
Purpose: Ivanti is changing the IT landscape — breaking down IT silos with increased visibility and automated processes. We help customers respond to user demands, comply with regulations, and secure the organization — all while reducing costs.
Ivanti Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/22/2018
IXL's Logo IXL IXL Learning, Inc. Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 06/03/2022
Expires: 09/30/2024
JeopardyLabs's Logo JeopardyLabs
Purpose: JeopardyLabs allows you to create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint. The games you make can be played online from anywhere in the world. Building your own jeopardy template is a piece of cake. Just use our simple editor to get your game up and running.
JeopardyLabs Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

K12 Insight K12 Insight LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/18/2022
Expires: 04/18/2025
Kahoot!'s Logo Kahoot!
Purpose: Kahoot!, a free student-response tool for all platforms, allows teachers to run game-like multiple-choice answer quizzes. Teachers can either create their own quizzes or find, use, and/or remix public quizzes. Questions, along with answer choices, are projected onto a classroom screen while students submit responses using an internet-connected device (computer, tablet, or phone).
Kahoot! Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 08/13/2018
Kami's Logo Kami
Purpose: Kami is the leading PDF & document annotation app for schools. Improve engagement and interaction in the classroom with Kami as your digital pen and paper.
Kami Limited Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/23/2023
Expires: 08/23/2026
Data List
Kanbachi's Logo Kanbachi
Purpose: Task Management & Collaboration app for Education Manage group work in the classroom effortlessly.
Kanbanchi LTD Approved
Approved: 07/24/2019
Kano's Logo Kano
Purpose: Kano app Control coding kits, conquer challenges, create and learn, on any computer
Kano Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Laserfiche's Logo Laserfiche
Purpose: Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with electronic forms, process automation, and secure records management.
ECS Imaging, Inc Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/11/2018
Laureate Learning Systems's Logo Laureate Learning Systems
Purpose: Laureate offers more than 50 computer programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), language impairments, developmental disabilities, Down syndrome, aphasia, and traumatic brain injury. Thousands of schools, hospitals, clinics, and parents around the world rely on Laureate software to teach critical language, cognitive, and reading skills.
Attainment Company, Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 06/04/2018
Learning A-Z/Raz-Kids/Reading A-Z/Science A-Z/Vocabulary A-Z's Logo Learning A-Z/Raz-Kids/Reading A-Z/Science A-Z/Vocabulary A-Z
Purpose: We believe that teachers know their students best. We also believe that when given the right resources to inform and deliver effective differentiated instruction, every student benefits. With an extensive collection of incredibly powerful and flexible curriculum resources, our products fill the gaps identified in various learning environments. Without limiting their creativity, innovation, or individuality, we help teachers to provide the impactful instruction their students need to thrive.
Learning A-Z, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/09/2019
Expires: 04/09/2020
PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Data List
Learning Ally's Logo Learning Ally
Purpose: Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit education solutions organization that transforms the lives of struggling learners by delivering proven solutions that help students reach their potential.
Learning Ally Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/03/2018 Data List Verein LearningApps interaktive Bausteine Approved
With the Following Restrictions: Teacher use only
In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/11/2021
Legends of Learning's Logo Legends of Learning
Purpose: MATH* AND SCIENCE GAMES THAT GIVE YOU SUPERPOWERS Thousands of curriculum aligned math* and science games for elementary and middle school students along with epic quests and battles. Legends of Learning is free for teachers and students to use in school.
Legends of Learning, Inc. Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 11/14/2023
Expires: 11/14/2026
LiveSlides's Logo LiveSlides
Purpose: Embed any website seamlessly in PowerPoint and Keynote slides. Kick off your presentation with a YouTube video. Then ask the audience a few ice breaker questions they can answer from their mobile phones. Throw in a live Twitter feed to keep them on their toes. Finish it off with an interactive Q&A session. All of that, and more, is possible when you can insert live web content into your presentation with LiveSlides.
Poll Everywhere, Inc. Not Approved
MakeMusic's Logo MakeMusic
Purpose: Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that transform how music is composed, taught, learned, and performed. More than a software company, MakeMusic is a collection of people and personalities who share a passion for music.
Makemusic, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/02/2018 Data List
Match The Memory's Logo Match The Memory
Purpose: Play a fun, free memory matching game in your web browser (on any platform, including Mac, Linux, iOS and Android).
Match The Memory Approved
Approved: 09/09/2019
Math Learning Center Math Learning Center Approved
Math Playground's Logo Math Playground
Purpose: Created by a math teacher and educational consultant, there's nothing fluffy on the site. Games that require specific and complex skills, tutorial videos (made by students), logic puzzles, beginning programming, and an amazing supply of word problems are all here.
Math Playground LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/13/2018 Data List
Math Whiteboard Math Whiteboard Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/04/2021
Expires: 11/04/2024
Mathalicious's Logo Mathalicious
Purpose: Finally. Math class is awesome. Real-world lessons from Mathalicious help middle and high school teachers address the Common Core Standards while challenging their students to think critically about the world.
Mathalicious Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Maths Zone
Purpose: Site contains multiple games and puzzles that help students to practice math facts and more.
Maths Zone Approved
Approved: 03/28/2022
Mendeley's Logo Mendeley
Purpose: Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.
Elsevier Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 05/09/2018
Mesa's Logo Mesa
Purpose: We provide cloud-based graduation assurance software to help counselors do what they do best: counseling
Mesa Digital LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/05/2019
Expires: 08/05/2022
MindMup's Logo MindMup MindMup Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/09/2021
MobyMax's Logo MobyMax
Purpose: MobyMax is a standards-aligned K-8 learning platform for math, literacy, science, and social studies equipped with adaptive tests, test-prep lessons, interactive whiteboard activities, and motivational tools. MobyMax also features specific state test-prep activities.
MobyMax Education LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/02/2018
MSB Connect's Logo MSB Connect
Purpose: Our Purpose is to lead the charge for the collection of educational documentation to discover and develop students. There is a direct correlation between services provided to Special Education students and reimbursements available to the district through the Medicaid to Schools program. Our team of consultants strives to serve your district as experts on all aspects of the program in order to ensure we fulfill our purpose. Our holistic approach empowers educators to do just what they were hired to do; spend more time with students!
MSB Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/23/2018 Data List
MuseScore's Logo MuseScore
Purpose: Notate your music Download professional free software to create, play and print sheet music.
MuseScore BVBA Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

myON's Logo myON
Purpose: MyON is a literacy platform from Capstone Publishing, a major American publisher of children’s books. Teachers and kids get access to a wide range of books from Capstone, as well as some other publishers, though at a premium charge. With a school or district subscription, teachers can create a list of books for their students to browse and read.
Renaissance Learning, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/02/2018
Mystery Science's Logo Mystery Science
Purpose: Mystery Science features multimedia science units for K-5. Each lesson starts by posing a question commonly asked by kids, like "Do plants eat dirt?" or "Why are so many toys made out of plastic?" A series of short videos and prompts then guides a class discussion, followed by an experiment that can be done as a class.
Discovery Education Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/19/2019
Expires: 05/19/2022
National Speech and Debate Association National Speech and Debate Association Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Speech and Debate has not been approved by other districts, as they refuse to sign a Data Privacy Agreement.

Navigate 360's Logo Navigate 360 Navigate 360 Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/15/2020
Expires: 04/15/2023
Nearpod's Logo Nearpod
Purpose: Nearpod is the go-to tool for interactive presentations and assessments. Teachers use the site to create original multimedia presentations or draw from an extensive, growing library of pre-made offerings (many CCSS-aligned and some at a cost). Teachers can upload videos, images, audio clips, and PDF files as well as embed multiple-choice quizzes and polls. Draw Its (students write directly on a slide), collaboration boards, and open-ended questions provide plenty of variety to liven up presentations. Teachers launch the presentation and monitor progress either from the website or through the app. Using the Nearpod app on their devices, students input a code and their names to access content and submit responses.
Nearpod, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/26/2018 Data List
Newsela's Logo Newsela
Purpose: Newsela is an online news-as-literacy platform (and Chrome app) that features current, high-interest articles on everything from current events to myths and legends and from literature to science. Content is updated daily, with stories from a wide range of sources (from the Associated Press to Scientific American to the Washington Post) in both English and Spanish. On top of this, all articles are Common Core-aligned and available in five Lexile levels, ranging (roughly) from third to 12th grade. Each leveled text features a quiz tailored to that particular article plus a writing prompt that asks students to write and respond to what they've read -- some articles also include vocabulary words.
Newsela Approved
Exhibit E TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 03/22/2022
Expires: 08/12/2023
2, 3, 4, 5 English Language Arts, Social Science
North End Teleservices's Logo North End Teleservices
Purpose: North End Teleservices is a global provider of multi-channel contact center services. At North End Teleservices we see every customer interaction, whether by phone, email, chat or SMS, as a unique one-to-one opportunity to delight the customer. We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to exceeding customer expectations.
North End Teleservices Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/24/2018 Data List
NRICH Mathematics
Purpose: The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.
NRICH Mathematics Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/09/2021
OnDataSuite's Logo OnDataSuite
Purpose: OnDataSuite offers LEA’s in Texas access to more data than ever before. OnDataSuite contains a suite of products allowing users more refined choices of data options.
Aloe Software Group Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/12/2018 Data List
One2One Manager Learn21 Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/20/2023
Expires: 07/20/2026
Optio Software's Logo Optio Software
Purpose: Optio Software, Inc. engages in the development, sale, and support of infrastructure software primarily in the United States and Europe. It provides document automation and electronic health record solutions that enable organizations to get accuracy and functionality in their inbound and outbound documents.
Bottomline Technologes Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 04/16/2018
Oracle Academy's Logo Oracle Academy
Purpose: To be college and career ready, today’s students need computer science classes as part of their educational pathways. And as an educator, you know that delivering high quality education requires rigorous curriculum, engaging resources, and skilled, trained, professional teachers. Oracle Academy offers a wide range of classroom courses, self-study instruction, workshops and resources – at no cost to you or your school.
Oracle Approved
Approved: 10/15/2019
Osmo Apps's Logo Osmo Apps Tangible Play, Inc. Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 06/06/2022
Expires: 06/01/2024
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Library Media, Math
OverDrive and Sora's Logo OverDrive and Sora
Purpose: Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. More than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today!
OverDrive, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/29/2019
Expires: 04/29/2022
Data List
OverDrive and Sora's Logo OverDrive and Sora
Purpose: Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. More than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today!
OverDrive, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/29/2019
Expires: 04/29/2022
Data List
Ozobot Ozo EDU, Inc. Approved In Use at District
Padlet's Logo Padlet
Purpose: Padlet is a website and app that allows kids to curate information onto virtual bulletin boards using a simple drag-and-drop system. Students can start with a template or a blank page and add videos, text, links, documents, images -- basically anything -- to the wall and organize it, like a page full of Post-it notes. Kids can add as many notes to a wall as they like; it scrolls in all directions. Teachers can opt to turn on profanity filters, comments, and voting features for more collaboration without the worry of inappropriate language. As added checks, teachers can moderate all posts or require that students display their names on the board.
WallWisher, Inc. dba Padlet Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/22/2018 Data List
Partners In Rhyme's Logo Partners In Rhyme
Purpose: Free Sound Effects and Royalty Free Sound Effects General sound effects, public domain sound effects, free royalty free sound effects
Partners In Rhyme Inc. Approved
Approved: 07/16/2019
PBIS Rewards's Logo PBIS Rewards
Purpose: PBIS Rewards is an affordable schoolwide PBIS management system that assists schools in their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program.
PBIS Rewards Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/28/2019
Expires: 06/28/2022
PBS Learning Media's Logo PBS Learning Media PBS Learning Media Approved
With the Following Restrictions: Implemented through Google Classroom.
In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 02/26/2020
Pear Deck's Logo Pear Deck
Purpose: Pear Deck is an interactive presentation and lesson delivery tool designed to enhance student learning during a slide show. Ideally, each student in the class should have their own device, and the fact that Pear Deck works on all platforms makes it a great fit for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) setting. If you're a Google classroom, Pear Deck is integrated and can easily import your roster. Students use their devices to follow along with the teacher's slide show on a classroom screen.
Liminex, Inc. dba GoGuardian Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/13/2018 Data List
PenPal Schools's Logo PenPal Schools
Purpose: PenPal Schools is a website that allows classrooms and students around the world to work together on collaborative projects that connect to every school subject. The site boasts that it has connected over 250,000 students in 140 countries. PenPal projects link classes with like-age peers across the globe.
PenPal Schools Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/25/2019
Expires: 04/25/2022
Data List
PlayPosit's Logo PlayPosit WeVideo, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 01/31/2023
Expires: 01/31/2026
Data List
Polar Cloud's Logo Polar Cloud
Purpose: The Polar Cloud is a community of students, educators and entrepreneurs from over 100 countries collaborating on a platform that networks leading 3D printing machines to bring design, project based learning and the art of 'making' to every classroom and showroom in the world.
Polar3d Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 02/26/2018
Popplet's Logo Popplet Notion, Inc Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/09/2021
PowerSchool's Logo PowerSchool
Purpose: PowerSchool is a cleverly designed LMS geared toward extending learning beyond the classroom. The system lets teachers embed content from over 40 websites into pages they can custom-design for their classes. In addition to creating and managing their classes, teachers can create rubrics, assessments, and tasks using sophisticated but straightforward built-in creation tools.
PowerSchool Group LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/16/2018 Data List
Presidio's Logo Presidio
Purpose: Presidio is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Digital Infrastructure, Cloud and Security solutions. We deliver this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design. By taking the time to deeply understand how our clients define success, we help them harness technology advances, simplify IT complexity and optimize their environments today while enabling future applications, user experiences, and revenue models.
Presidio Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 04/12/2018
PrimeroEdge's Logo PrimeroEdge
Purpose: Cybersoft PrimeroEdge is a leading provider of software solutions to Child Nutrition Departments in K-12 school districts and State Agencies across the nation. Our product, PrimeroEdge, is an end-to-end solution which addresses all business operation needs for school food service.
Cybersoft Technologies, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/07/2018 Data List
PrinterLogic's Logo PrinterLogic
Purpose: Thousands of enterprises use PrinterLogic's patent pending printer and driver management platform to deliver Mobile, Pull and Virtual printing, while eliminating print servers and providing a self-service portal that empowers end users to install their own printers.
PrinterLogic Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/28/2018 Data List
Prodigy's Logo Prodigy
Purpose: In Prodigy, an adaptive math-practice game set in a fantasy role-playing universe, students customize colorful, anime-style avatars and send them off to the Wizard Academy to prepare for battle. Teachers can select from a variety of curricular standards when setting up their classes, including Common Core, Ontario Math, NCERTS, and National Curriculum (England). Then they can select the specific skills they want their students to be working on. Kids can use the web-based version on computers or tablets or the Prodigy Math Game app for iOS and Android.
Prodigy Education Not Approved
Data List
ProProfs's Logo ProProfs Batia Infotech Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Quaver Music's Logo Quaver Music
Purpose: Quaver Music is the world leader in General music education for grades Pre-K to 8. General music is our sole focus. As a result, in less than four years, our music education programs have been adopted by more than 8,000 schools worldwide.
QuaverEd, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 02/25/2019
Expires: 02/25/2020
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Data List
Quia's Logo Quia IXL Learning, Inc. Approved
Exhibit E TXSPA V2 (With Exhibit)
Approved: 06/03/2022
Expires: 09/30/2024
Quizizz's Logo Quizizz Quizizz Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/09/2023
Expires: 11/09/2026
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Math, Science, Social Science
Quizlet's Logo Quizlet
Purpose: Quizlet is an online database of nearly 300 million study sets created by students and teachers. Data sets include both text-based and visual study materials. The range of topics covered on Quizlet is pretty amazing. Students can remix existing sets or create their own. For each study set, Quizlet offers up to nine study activities, including matching and fill-in-the-blank games and timed quizzes. Adaptive learning technology helps students study effectively by offering more difficult questions as mastery increases.
Quizlet Inc. Approved
With the Following Restrictions: For teacher use only - students can not log in.
In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 03/11/2021 K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 English Language Arts, Health, Instructional Technology, Library Media, Math, Science, Physical Education, Visual Performing Arts, Social Science, World Language
Rank One Sport and Health's Logo Rank One Sport and Health
Purpose: Rank One Sport software is an all in one solution created to save Athletic Directors, Athletic Trainers, and Coaches valuable time.
Rank One Sport and Health Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/04/2018 Data List
Read&Write for Google's Logo Read&Write for Google
Purpose: Read&Write is a literacy support tool available as software, an app, and even a browser extension. It's suite of 10 features was developed to encourage readers and writers -- especially those with special language or literacy needs (ELLs, students with dyslexia, etc.) -- to access texts and improve their skills.
Texthelp Ltd. Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/27/2018
ReadTheory's Logo ReadTheory ReadTheory Approved
With the Following Restrictions: Can only use this with a teacher class code. This allows students to use a username that does not connect to personal information. You may NOT use the Google account sign up.

ReadWorks's Logo ReadWorks
Purpose: Reading comprehension instruction that works; ReadWorks is driven by cognitive science research. FREE content, curriculum, and tools to power teaching and learning from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.
ReadWorks, Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor unresponsive

Reflex Math's Logo Reflex Math ExploreLearning, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/02/2023
Expires: 11/02/2026
Remind 's Logo Remind
Purpose: FOR TEACHERS Send messages that students and parents can’t miss. Teaching should be about your students, not tracking down handouts or playing phone tag. Remind makes it easy to reach your class—and puts time back in your day.
Remind Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/20/2018
ResourceMate's Logo ResourceMate
Purpose: ResourceMate software provides comprehensive cataloging, searching and circulating library automation.
ResourceMate Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/09/2018 Data List
RhythmBee's Logo RhythmBee
Purpose: RhythmBee allows students to learn performance skills like they learned to walk and talk ~ with real-life experience ~.
RhythmBee, Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/21/2018
Right On Cue Services's Logo Right On Cue Services
Purpose: Right On Cue Services is a music production company specializing in performance enhancement and minus tracks for musical theater. With over 50 years of combined professional experience in musical theater and music production, the team at Right on Cue Services has the unique ability to blend both musicality and technology.
Right On Cue Services Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 05/07/2018
Ripple Effects
Purpose: The Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System is an online/web-based set of programs made up of Ripple Effects for Teens, Pocket Coach, Data Viewer, Playlist Creation and Assessment Tool Kit and Ripple Effects for Educator Ally. It delivers direct to student comprehensive mental health and behavioral interventions, and training on social and emotional skills.
Ripple Effects Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/02/2021
Expires: 03/02/2024
ScanQR's Logo ScanQR
Purpose: Scans QR codes and displays their contents on a Chromebook or other computer with a suitable webcam.
Mike Tsao Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Scholastic Network's Logo Scholastic Network
Purpose: Using simple technology, we have created an easy to use, effective, centrally managed content delivery system for in-school messaging, providing an innovative and engaging way to connect with students on topics beneficial to their education and future.
Scholastic, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/26/2018 Data List
Scratch's Logo Scratch
Purpose: Teachers can use Scratch to teach students just about any coding concept or element of computational thinking. Then, after students are proficient in using it, Scratch can become another tool for demonstrating learning in just about any content area. Through animation, audio, image, and text, students can tell stories, explain concepts, and create art. The Scratch platform can be another option for any project-based assessment or activity -- an alternative to writing, presentations, etc. For coding teachers, Scratch is a great springboard to traditional text-based coding languages like Ruby or Swift.
Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 04/09/2019 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 English Language Arts, Health, Instructional Technology, Library Media, Math, Science, Social Science, World Language
Scratch Jr's Logo Scratch Jr
Purpose: ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children (ages 5-7) to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves -- then use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life.
DevTech Research Group Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 11/19/2018
Screencastify's Logo Screencastify
Purpose: Screencastify is a free Chrome browser extension that records your screen, face, voice, and more. To use Screencastify, find its icon in the Chrome toolbar and choose among the recording options: record a single tab in your web browser, capture all screen activity, or use your webcam to record or insert a video of yourself. While recording, use the tools to write, draw, erase, keep time, restart, or spotlight a section on the screen.
Screencastify, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/18/2018 Data List
Seesaw's Logo Seesaw
Purpose: Seesaw: The Learning Journal is a robust digital portfolio and learning system where teachers can create meaningful multimedia experiences for students. Using Google, Clever, student emails, or a QR code, teachers assign tasks that engage students with a variety of work in the form of videos, photos, text, images, files, and drawings.
Seesaw Learning, Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: CFISD Instructional Technology does not approve this resource.

Data List
Sibme's Logo Sibme
Purpose: Sibme is a video coaching and collaboration platform designed to improve teaching and learning in schools, institutions, and education-related organizations.
Dos Terra LLC DBA Sibme Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/06/2023
Expires: 09/06/2026
Sight Reading Factory's Logo Sight Reading Factory
Purpose: makes practicing the important skill of sight reading easy, effective and fun! This cloud-based service allows you to customize and generate unlimited sight reading examples instantly, on-demand for music educators, students and hobbyists of all ages and abilities.
Gracenotes, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/22/2018 Data List
SketchUp's Logo SketchUp
Purpose: SketchUp is a 3-D design tool that can be connected to any content area and is a nice mix of simplicity and complexity. Students can design anything for any content area, building new connections and becoming more involved in their learning.
Trimble Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 06/25/2018
SmartMusic's Logo SmartMusic
Purpose: SmartMusic is an online practice tool that allows students to learn about rhythm, sight reading, and other key music concepts. Music educators can use SmartMusic to assign practice exercises and songs, and monitor individual student progress.
Makemusic, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/02/2018
Smore's Logo Smore Smore Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/02/2023
Expires: 11/02/2026
Socrative's Logo Socrative
Purpose: Socrative is an interactive web-based student-response system (also available through iOS, Android, or Chrome apps) that can help teachers spark conversation and learning through user-created polls and quizzes.
Showbie Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/15/2019
Expires: 04/15/2022
SoGoSurvey's Logo SoGoSurvey
Purpose: SoGoSurvey is a cloud-based SaaS application designed to create, distribute, and analyze multilingual surveys, forms, polls, quizzes and assessments.
SoGoSurvey LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/22/2018
Sound Director's Logo Sound Director
Purpose: Sound Director -- the ultimate solution for instant access to music and sound effects for any live event. Sound Director is designed for anyone who requires a professional sounding event.
Sound Director Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/21/2018
Soundtrap for Education's Logo Soundtrap for Education Soundtrap US Inc. Approved In Use/No Agreement
SP2's Logo SP2
Purpose: More than 2,700 career tech programs use S/P2 each year. Check out the safety and environmental course bundle specific to your CTE programs, as well as our soft skills and human resources training packages that helps students follow best practices as they prepare for their careers. Choose the S/P2 course packages that are right for your career tech school. Protect your school, protect your students, protect yourself!
SP2 Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/20/2019
Expires: 09/20/2022
Spaceteam's Logo Spaceteam
Purpose: A cooperative shouting game for phones and tablets. The primary focus is on collaboration, discussion, and reflection.
Sleeping Beast Games Approved
Approved: 04/15/2019
Sphero Edu's Logo Sphero Edu
Purpose: Sphero Edu is an app that lets kids program their Sphero robots from a tablet or phone. Beginning coders use block-based programming to direct and control their robot. A text-based code viewer is also available so kids can see how their block code translates into actual code. This gives experienced programmers more flexibility and is a scaffold to help students scale up their coding skills.
Sphero, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/23/2019
Expires: 04/23/2022
SplashLearn's Logo SplashLearn
Purpose: Splash Math is an educational program that provides comprehensive coverage of the curriculum with over 300 skills for Grades K-5. Over 30 million kids and 70,000 teachers use Splash Math to practice math. The use of animations, graphics and games make children master the basic math concepts like Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Algebra and Geometry in a fun and interactive way.
StudyPad, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 02/05/2019
Expires: 02/05/2022
Data List
Squiggle Park's Logo Squiggle Park
Purpose: An engaging reading game for ages 3-8 (Squiggle Park) or 8-15 (Squiggle Park: Dreamscapes).
Eyeread Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 01/20/2020
Expires: 01/20/2023
Starfall's Logo Starfall Starfall Education Foundation Approved Agreement
Approved: 06/26/2020
Expires: 06/26/2023
PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
StepItUp!'s Logo StepItUp!
Purpose: Is a fun and fantastic fitness fundraiser that combines the ease of an online donation platform with the thrill of a school site DAY OF AWESOMENESS featuring our interactive Obstacle Course based on the TV shows WIPEOUT and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!
Step It Up Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Vendor Unresponsive

Summit K-12's Logo Summit K-12
Purpose: Our programs help students learn on multiple levels, blending standards based Science and Social Studies content with literacy and language skills in a single curriculum. The ConceptLinks and Connect to Literacy topics are presented in four leveled texts and spiral standards-based content from book to book, providing increasingly challenging concepts, academic vocabulary, and text load.
Summit K12 Holdings, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/15/2022
Expires: 09/15/2025
JK, PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 English Language Arts, Science Data List
Tableau's Logo Tableau Tableau Approved
With the Following Restrictions: Using the desktop Creator License; which is self-hosted by CFISD.
Approved: 05/12/2021
TalentEd's Logo TalentEd
Purpose: TalentEd solutions support the entire K-12 employee life cycle with powerful tools and insights that boost efficiency, simplify workflows and enhance decision-making — empowering districts to take education to new heights.
PowerSchool Group LLC Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 04/11/2018
Purpose: Audio books - This would be great to upload to each student chromebook.
Tales2Go Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/25/2019
Expires: 09/25/2022
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Library Media
Tardy Calculator's Logo Tardy Calculator
Purpose: Tardy Calculator will give an overall efficiency to the attendance office as well as giving school administrators an array of reports, which can be used to help reduce student tardies, absences, and truancy.
PC Innovations Renewal Pending Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/28/2018
Teach Your Monster to Read's Logo Teach Your Monster to Read
Purpose: This link has company contact names.
Teach Monster Games Ltd. Approved In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 10/30/2019
TestOut's Logo TestOut TestOut Corporation Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/28/2020
Expires: 09/28/2023
The Physics Classroom's Logo The Physics Classroom The Physics Classroom Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/26/2022
Expires: 07/26/2025
Data List
ThingLink's Logo ThingLink
Purpose: ThingLink is a tool -- available as a Chrome app, on the Web, and on iOS and Android -- for embedding multimedia content in images or videos. The media-embedding process, for both teachers and students, simply involves uploading an image or video and linking it to other resources on the Web. Links can lead users to informational Web pages, audio recordings, and videos.
Thinglink Approved Agreement
Approved: 03/27/2018 Data List
TI Education's Logo TI Education
Purpose: TI Education Technology is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. With our award-winning products, engaging lessons, real-time assessment and top-notch professional development, TI is leading the way in mathematics and science education.
Texas Instruments, Inc. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/28/2018
Tinkercad's Logo Tinkercad Autodesk, Inc. Approved In Use/No Agreement
Total Registration's Logo Total Registration
Purpose: Total Registration has supported over 50+ schools that have piloted the College Board's Fall AP Exam Ordering. From these schools we have learned about new challenges facing AP Coordinators and have added new tools to assist with these challenges.
Total Registration, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 07/16/2019
Expires: 07/16/2022
Transfinder's Logo Transfinder Transfinder Corporation Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/21/2023
Expires: 08/21/2026
Purpose: Trashbots ( develops an affordable, accessible STEM education platform for students K-12. Part of the platform is a library of content that students access in order to learn about different coding and robotics concepts through Trashbots. The content contains videos and instructional materials in order to make the learning of these skills as easy as possible.
Trashbots Approved Agreement
Approved: 02/04/2022
Expires: 02/04/2025
TumbleBooks's Logo TumbleBooks
Purpose: TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you. TBL also includes National Geographic videos and games. With a school licence, teachers and students have access to the Common Core Portal, quizzes and teacher materials/lesson plans!
TumbleBooks Inc. Not Approved
Declined Reasoning: Please see our privacy statement here: Unfortunately, we do not sign external agreements.

Tynker's Logo Tynker
Purpose: The #1 coding platform for kids Tynker fuels learning across 87,000 schools and powers the imagination of 60 million kids worldwide. With Tynker, kids learn to code the fun and easy way with revolutionary visual code blocks that represent real programming concepts.
Tynker Approved Agreement
Approved: 11/13/2023
Expires: 11/17/2026
Vectorworks's Logo Vectorworks
Purpose: Unlike other software, Vectorworks has the flexibility to support your entire project from beginning to end, or anywhere in the process — from conceptual design, to fully coordinated BIM models, to construction documents. It’s the versatile solution you need to pull everything together and increase your efficiency.
Vectorworks, Inc. Approved
Approved: 07/22/2019
Vernier Graphical Analysis's Logo Vernier Graphical Analysis
Purpose: Designed specifically for education and held to high standards for quality, Vernier technology is built to be durable. Our probeware is supported by active, hands-on experiments and teacher-friendly technical support.
Vernier Software & Technology, LLC. Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 03/22/2018
Versatrans's Logo Versatrans Tyler Technologies, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/23/2023
Expires: 08/23/2026
Versatrans's Logo Versatrans Tyler Technologies, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 08/23/2023
Expires: 08/23/2026
Vivi's Logo Vivi
Purpose: For teachers, Vivi offers mobility in the classroom, significant classroom efficiencies around technology use, a powerful vehicle for immediate peer and teacher feedback, and a number of classroom features that empower teachers to embrace student-centred learning without relinquishing full control.
Vivi International Pty Ltd Approved Agreement
Approved: 05/29/2019
Expires: 05/29/2022
Vocabulary Spelling City's Logo Vocabulary Spelling City
Purpose: VocabularySpellingCity was initially created to save teachers time by automating spelling practice tests and to empower students to study independently through engaging game-based learning activities. Now part of the LearningCity® family of education technology products, nearly a decade later, VocabularySpellingCity has expanded to include a wide variety of study tools for developing strong vocabulary skills and best practices for effective vocabulary word instruction. Research has proven that these are key factors in improved reading fluency and comprehension.
Learning A-Z, LLC Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/16/2019
Expires: 09/16/2022
Wakelet's Logo Wakelet
Purpose: From Pre-K to PhD, Wakelet transforms the way schools, principals, teachers and tech coaches educate. Unlock the potential of student learning and education everywhere.
Wakelet Limited Approved Agreement
Approved: 10/21/2019
Expires: 10/21/2022
Wardbord's Logo Wardbord Wardbord LLC Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 08/22/2022
Expires: 08/22/2026
9, 10, 11, 12 Physical Education
WileyPLUS's Logo WileyPLUS
Purpose: WileyPLUS is a research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 04/02/2018 Data List
Wonder for Dash and Dot Robots's Logo Wonder for Dash and Dot Robots
Purpose: With Wonder, programming concepts become tangible and intuitive. Kids create traceable paths of code, which help them see and understand what their robot will do—as well as when and why—in a way that traditional code cannot. With Wonder software, kids can also program the robot to do multiple tasks in parallel. It's an expressive, powerful, and fun tool for robots.
Wonder Workshop, Inc. Approved
Approved: 07/16/2019
Wordwall's Logo Wordwall Wordwall Approved
With the Following Restrictions: Teacher use only; no student data to be involved.
In Use/No Agreement
Approved: 06/30/2021
Xello's Logo Xello
Purpose: Xello is an engaging, online program that helps students transform their aspirations into personalized, actionable plans for academic and career success. Equip your students with the tools to be future ready.
Xello Approved Agreement
Exhibit E
Approved: 01/05/2023
Expires: 01/05/2026
Data List
ZipGrade's Logo ZipGrade
Purpose: ZipGrade turns your phone or tablet into an optical grading machine similar to a Scantron. It reads free-to-download answer sheets in multiple sizes. Provide instant feedback to students by grading exit tickets, quizzes, and formative assessments as soon as they finish.
ZipGrade LLC. Approved Agreement
Approved: 02/19/2020
Expires: 02/19/2023
Data List
Zoom's Logo Zoom
Purpose: Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Approved Agreement
Approved: 09/07/2018 Data List
ZoomText's Logo ZoomText
Purpose: ZoomText is the world's best magnification and reading software for the vision impaired.
Ai Squared Approved Vendor-Specific
Approved: 04/06/2018