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Agreement Types for Massachusetts

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Data Privacy Agreement

Agreement TypesDownload the Massachusetts standard agreement:

Agreement V5 (pdf)

MA-NDPA-V1 (pdf)

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Standard Agreements

Agreement Type Description
MA-NDPA-V1 Massachusetts version of the National Data Privacy agreement.
Agreement V5 Replaced version 4.
Agreement V4 Addition of Section 3, xxiii
Agreement V3 Latest agreement version. Effective 2/1/2016.
Agreement V2a (Includes Terms of Service) Standard agreement with Section 5 (Terms of service & indemnification added) effective 9/2015.
Agreement V2 (Includes Terms of Service) Replaced by V2a. Standard agreement with Section 5 (Terms of service & indemnification added) effective 4/2015.
Agreement V1 Standard agreement effective 4/2015.

Other Agreement Types

Agreement Type Description
Custom Contract
Custom Data Sharing Agreement Custom document drafted for unique data sharing projects (eg. data shared with after school service provider).
Declined No agreement reached with vendor, application not in use.
District Modified District has slightly modified V1 or V2 agreement with a particular vendor.
District Vetted
Legal Drafted Guardian Release Parent release obtained for each student's use of the application.
Research DPA
Self-Hosted No agreement is in place since the application is hosted by the district.
Vendor-Specific Modified version of the standard agreement that is strictly used with a specific vendor.

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