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Agreement Types for California

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Data Privacy Agreement

Agreement TypesDownload the California standard agreement:

CA-NDPA-V1 (With Exhibit) (pdf)
CA-NDPA-V1 (With No Exhibit) (pdf)

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Standard Agreements

Agreement Type Description
CSDPA V2 (With Exhibit E) Standard agreement for the the state of California.
CSDPA V2 (No Exhibit E) Standard agreement for the state of California with no exhibit.
CA-NDPA-V1 (With No Exhibit)
CA-NDPA-V1 (With Exhibit) California version of the National Data Privacy Agreement

Other Agreement Types

Agreement Type Description
Awaiting Provider Response LEA has sent DPA to provider for review/approval.
Customized Agreement Vendor and/or district modified customization of contract. Exhibit E not valid.
Declined No agreement reached with vendor, application not in use.
District Modified District has slightly modified V1 or V2 agreement with a particular vendor.
District Modified This is a version of the Standard CSDPA that has been altered with the oversight of the District's in house legal counsel. Exhibit E not Valid.
In Use/District Vetted After district review to address student data privacy, the application is currently in use without a signed agreement.
Legal Drafted Guardian Release Parent release obtained for each student's use of the application.
Self-Hosted No agreement is in place since the application is hosted by the district.
Vendor-Specific Modified version of the standard agreement that is strictly used with a specific vendor.

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