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Welcome to the Montana Student Privacy Alliance Website.  The Alliance was created in 2019 to help school districts meet the requirements of House Bill 745 passed by the 2019 Montana Legislature. 

What is House Bill 745?  House Bill 745 requires terms of services, agreements and contracts with technology service providers and operators to have very specific language that protects student data privacy.  All Montana school districts that use technology software and/or services (for example, apps, websites and other software) that uses or otherwise collects student information are required to comply with HB 745.  

What is the Montana Student Privacy Alliance?  The Montana Educational Technologist Association (META) and Office of Public Instruction have collaboratively developed the Montana Student Privacy Alliance as a resource for districts to find and share terms of service, agreements and contracts that comply with HB 745.  The Alliance also provides professional development to help teachers and administrators make informed decisions about the technology being used in the classroom and help ensure we protect student data privacy.

How can I or my district/school join the Alliance?  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the "Click here to join us!" link. 

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