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Data Privacy Agreement

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AZ-NDPA-V1 with Exhibit E (pdf)

AZ-NDPA-V1-No Exhibit (pdf)

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Welcome to the Arizona Student Privacy Alliance (AZSPA).

The AZSPA is a collaboration of Arizona school districts that share common concerns around student privacy. The goal of the AZSPA is to set standards of both practice and expectations around student privacy such that all parties involved have a common understanding of expectations.

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To this end, the first outcome of the AZSPA is the adoption and implementation of a common Student Data Privacy Agreement to be used by all member schools when implementing any online application. By adopting such a contract, all vendors and schools have common expectations when entering into a relationship or implementation without having to renegotiate terms in every new instance.

This site allows communication between districts and vendors that have signed the contract. This will enable all AZSPA member districts to leverage vendor relationships with other member schools to develop a new relationship smoothly.

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